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Small Office Security Kaspersky

Small Office Security Kaspersky is world-class software that will allow you to entirely protect the devices in your company from various malware. It will also prevent the theft of confidential data. If your authority wants to buy Kaspersky Small Office Security, it is the correct solution because it will allow any enterprise to improve its level of security with minimal waste of time and resources.

Benefits of Small Office Security

It is worth mentioning that Kaspersky Small Office Security offers multi-level protection, which is why companies worldwide trust it in terms of reliability and security. Just imagine that your office can work from one console and set the time for scans and backups. You will also be able to control the work of the programs you use. Centralized management greatly simplifies the security control process and saves time.

The product includes all components and options for device security in offices. This will perfectly suit SMBs when the number of workstations, file servers, and mobile devices connected to the antivirus network does not exceed the number specified in the license. It covers 5 fixed and 5 portable units.

Once you install Small Office Security Kaspersky, you get a password manager and control of all banking operations and financial transfers on the Internet. But, if you worry that some employees may use the Internet not on purpose, you can block access to the Web, forbidding opening particular websites or blocking downloading files, and using various apps.

In many companies, you may be required to provide a notification on how you used the Internet for a particular period. And the product has a special function for this aim – forming a detailed report. One more important function you get with the Kaspersky Small Office Security license is "file shredder", which allows you to permanently delete unnecessary files.

This cybersecurity solution from Kaspersky includes extensive options and is not limited to antivirus protection only. It includes Safe payments, a file encryption tool, a backup system, and a web content management system.

The Android client application offers web and antivirus protection against malicious apps, as well as anti-theft features such as location detection, remote wipe, and personal data protection: contacts, call logs, and text messages. Mobile devices will be constantly monitored – files, apps, and attachments in messages and emails will be checked for malicious, dangerous, or suspicious codes and algorithms. Besides, the application allows approximately defining the location, blocking its work, and deleting the information in case of loss (theft) of the gadget, even if the SIM card is previously withdrawn.

Disadvantages of Small Office Security

Despite the advantages above, Small Office Security has few weaknesses too. For example, works with the management console are a bit restricted. It means you can only monitor the status and remotely run scans, turn on/off and update the remote installed antivirus software. One more disadvantage is a lack of a policy-based management feature. Many organizations also require more statistics, and the product lacks this option as well.

In general, the solution offers a limited management console, which is typical for Kaspersky consumer products. The panel is devoid of various functions valuable for corporate environments. The product provides excellent protection but deprives the administrator of the additional control and management capabilities.

However, the product has shown excellent results in various tests, which means you can securely choose Kaspersky Small Office Security buy online. Hurry up to search for official Kaspersky Small Office Security keys and delight your staff with a new acquisition.

Kaspersky Small Office Security buy online now

Kaspersky Small Office Security buy online is a way to provide comprehensive protection of different devices in your office (computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones). They will be fully protected from external influences of malicious, fraudulent, spyware, and adware, as well as from network (hacker) attacks and other cyber threats. We offer many options for the software for your business needs including the Kaspersky Small Office Security key.