MTM A brief Microsoft Windows 8 review or why do you need to purchase it on Keyonline24 in USA and Canada

What is Microsoft Windows

Windows is a kind of operating system that was developed by Microsoft. With Windows OS it is possible to connect to the Internet, watch videos, play games on computer, connect PC to iPhone, run the software, and store files. This system features the name Windows as there are multiple windows letting various programs and assignments run simultaneously. It was impossible to trademark the word Windows, that is why the company decided to choose the name Microsoft Windows. Nowadays, this operating system is one of the most popular ones on the market.

How to install Microsoft Windows 8 in USA and Canada

This edition of OS is built on the basis of Windows Server version 2012 R2. According to Microsoft Windows 8 review, you might either buy or download this product for free but only for a short period with not all features available. Start your Microsoft Windows 8 trial and then purchase a full version. Some years ago the first step would be inserting a DVD-disk with OS into the drive. But now you can get all the files digitally and start working with them anytime you want. After opening the ISO Windows 8 you have to restart the computer. The second step is choosing the language of installation. Select also the time and input or the keyboard method. Click on the Next. Thirdly, you have to choose Install Now. Don’t hesitate to mention your Microsoft account login Windows 8. Once you wonder how in Windows 8 complete the sign-in without Microsoft accounts, begin by choosing Settings. Then, go to Accounts. Find the specific option Your Info. Click on Sign In with the local account. Choose Next. Then, push the Sign Out & Finish button. Finally, sign in again with the help of your local account. After setting up the OS you can start with other useful programs. For instance if you want to install Microsoft Word Windows 8 for free, first download the installation file from the specific authorized source. You can do this anytime. Click 2 times on the installation file for opening it & starting setup. Don’t forget to give permission to do modifications to the tool. See, only a few clicks and the set of applications is installed on your device.

Where is Microsoft update in Windows 8 in United States and Canada

If you wish to update your Microsoft Windows 8, do the following steps. First of all, tap on Settings and choose Change Personal Computer settings. Then, click on the Update & Recovery option. Finally, tap on Windows Update. If you want to update installed programs first of all find out where is Microsoft Office on Windows 8 or any other app you need. Choose Start and then go to All Programs. One more way to find the application is by going to the Start Menu and selecting All Programs. There, you will find the folder which is called Microsoft Office (of course if it is installed on your PC). Still haven’t understood where is Microsoft Word on Windows 8? Select Start. Then, type the app’s name in the files box and start searching. Once you get the results, click the program to open it. Select Start one more time. Go to All Programs to view the list of all the apps you have. Finally, scroll down to open the Microsoft Office suite.

How to delete my Microsoft account in Windows 8

Do the next things to delete Microsoft account Windows 8. Firstly, you should open the Start menu. Tap on the Settings button in order to access the personal computer settings menu. Then, click on the Accounts. Select the Microsoft account you wish to uninstall. Click on the Remove button and confirm your choice. If you want to delete Microsoft account for uninstalling any programs - don’t do this. Want to know how to uninstall Microsoft Office 2013 trial on Windows 8 (for example if you need to install another version)? Just do the following: tap on Start and choose the Control Panel/Programs. Go to the Programs and Features section. Push on the Office app you wish to be removed. Click on the Uninstall button.

How to get Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows 8 in America and Canada

You may easily download the Microsoft PowerPoint for all Windows OS, including the edition 8. PP is a powerful & convenient program which was designed in order to create presentations. With it, you may easily insert images & videos and generate a presentation of whatever format and type. To download this product, you should navigate to your Microsoft Office folder and doubleclick on the Setup file. Follow the instructions that will pop up on your screen. Finally you can start using PowerPoint on your computer. Sometimes users need standard programs for their work, for example with images. If you want to know how to find Microsoft Paint on Windows 8, do the following. Tap on the Windows key. Type Paint in the Search text box. Then, you will get the results where you may tap on the Paint program or just push Enter. Now you can guess yourself how to get Microsoft Word on Windows 8. This program is one of the many apps in the set, that is why start with installing the Microsoft Office. Click 2 times on the installation file to open it and begin the setup process. Then, you will see a prompt. It will ask for permission to modify some components. Choose Yes. Keep or modify your default settings. Once you select them, tap on Install to begin your installation process. Wait a bit for it to be finished. If the Office is installed, the process of searching for Word and other standard apps is similar to others.

Where you may buy Microsoft Windows 8

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How much does Microsoft Office cost for Windows 8

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