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Microsoft Windows

How to install Windows in the USA and Canada

This OS family is closed source and differs, for example, from Linux. Up until the third version, Windows remained a simple graphics add-on. Only in 1995 Windows 95 appeared and it became the first in the 9x family. Nowadays one of the most current versions is Windows 7 and 10 adapted for different devices. This system has boasted improved blinds for Windows and Windows live mail. Moreover Windows 10 download is very simple.

If you are planning to install this OS on your PC or you need a reliable and multifunctional Windows laptop, then there are few simple steps. First, you need to download an installation file, which you can find on the corporation's official website or on our online store. The next step is preparing the installation DVD. If you do not have a DVD reader, then create an installation flash drive. All that remains for you is to install Windows. Your i7 Windows laptop or another device with this system will operate faster and be reliably protected.

What Windows do I have in USA

Many users ask what version of Windows do I have? There are 2 simple ways to find this out. First, press the key combination. It is the Windows logo and the letter R. Then you will see a window in the lower left corner, where you need to write “winver” (that is, the Windows Version) in the special field. Click OK and get information about the installed system.

The second method is a little longer, but it will give you more detailed information. Select Start, then choose Settings, find System there, and press About.

How to take a screenshot on Windows USA

If you are looking for how to take a screenshot on Windows, then pay attention to the special PrtScn button. Some devices do not have such a button and users install a certain program, which can be found on the control panel. If there is none, use the key combination on the home Windows screen - Fn + Windows logo key + SPACEBAR. If you need to know how to screenshot on Windows 10 or 11, then here the combination will be as follows - Windows key + PrtScn. You can also find detailed instructions on how to split screen on Windows or how to force quit on Windows. For these you can use, for example, the Tom Hardware website, or just ask any questions to our specialists.

How to update Windows in United States of America

If you see crashes or various problems in the operation of your system, then you do not need to worry and look for how to reinstall Windows 10 or the version that you have on your device. Just update your OS. Follow this path using file explorer - Start>Settings>Windows Update. Check for updates and upgrade everything that is available.

How to clean Windows in the USA and Canada

The capacity of hard drives is growing every day, but trash is still accumulating in every system at a high rate. Everything we do on our tinted Windows device leaves a certain imprint that is called garbage. As a result we can see a message in the lower right corner that it’s time to clean the system. It appears when there is no free space. Avoid freezing and hung Windows perform a deep clean. The first thing that comes to mind is to empty the trash, delete temporary files and downloads. But sometimes this procedure is not enough, and you need to carry out a more in-depth memory cleaning. There are 5 steps to help free up more space on your hard drive:

  1. Use the built-in utility to help you clean up. From the home screen, click on the properties of your hard drive and find the Disk Cleanup menu there.
  2. Clean your browser history and cache because it clutters up your system significantly. Ccleaner will help you with this. Just don’t forget to uncheck the Saved Passwords item, otherwise you will not log into your accounts in browsers automatically.
  3. Check the Add/Remove Programs section. Often, you no longer need many tools, games, and other software or have forgotten about them. For example, you can not use Windows Movie Maker, but the system sees and remembers everything.
  4. Remove large, unnecessary files. Here, we are not talking about software but about, for example, old forgotten videos or unnecessary documents. Perhaps there could be a two-hour video of the sun beautifully sinking below the horizon.
  5. Adjust the amount of space used for System Restore. The fact is that Windows recovery tools can eat up to 5–15 GB of space, which is like death for small SSD drives. The number of restore points can be configured manually in the “System Protection” menu in “Computer Properties”. Next step, select “System Protection”, then “Configure” and move the slider towards the acceptable amount of space occupied.

After completing these steps, you will notice how your device becomes easier to operate. Your PC will thank you if you clean it at least once every 2 months. If you are an active user, then garbage accumulates every day. Of course, your PC will be reliably protected by Windows 11 safe mode, but don't wait for the system to warn you that it's time to clean it.

How much do Windows cost in the USA

By downloading Microsoft Windows from the official website, you receive a trial version; for long-term and full use of the OS, you need to activate the license. It’s better to buy a product key on the Keyonline24 website because it’s fast and very profitable. Only here you will find a guarantee, customer satisfaction, client support, and low prices.

Where to buy Windows in the U.S.

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