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Software and cybersecurity news in the USA


You might not be afraid when you use your computer or mobile phone at the office because it will be protected. However, the situation is different if you utilize your mail at home. There, you will need a mail server antivirus for sure.

data backup as security

Every organization relies heavily on the seamless operation of its systems. However, individual components of any process can experience failures. And while the chances of a complete system-wide breakdown are low, they do exist.


To define ransom, we should understand its purpose. It is designed to deny users access to their data. That’s what is ransomware all about. But let’s find out more about this problem and how to protect your gadgets and data from it.

Avast Premium Security vs Avast Ultimate

Do you know what is Avast? And what the cybersecurity solutions of this famous developer are capable of? Therefore, it's no surprise that when choosing a quality product

Heimdal Pro vs Malwarebytes

Each user of a computer or other gadget should think about the security of their system and personal data. The variety of modern antiviruses is quite large, so choosing reliable protection for your devices is difficult.

Heimdal product review

Heimdal entered the software cybersecurity market in 2014 but has already managed to win the recognition of users. The company shows impressive results as its products are ahead of threats and reliably protect PCs and various gadgets.

Avast VPN how to

A VPN is a practical and sometimes necessary software product that provides free access to the Internet. With this solution, you can bypass the existing restrictions of your ISP and, at the same time, ensure absolute privacy.

Heimdal Safeguard your  world

The new digital device protection product Heimdal Antivirus will help you forget about possible threats from the network. It will protect against sophisticated and targeted attacks, including ransomware, financial threats and zero-day exploits.

History of Kaspersky Antivirus Software

Using a digital virus defense is a mandatory part when surfing the Internet — it gives data security. One of the most well-known software against digital malware is the Kaspersky Antivirus.

Antivirus that doesn't slow down computer

A good antivirus should, first of all, provide reliable protection for your system. Among today's cybersecurity solutions, there are many options that will give this to your PC or another device.

How do antivirus software work? Some details.

There is an ongoing struggle between hackers and security software developers. The first ones create new virus programs, different ways to infect computers and phones, steal personal data, delete valuable information, and write off money from an account.

Why does antivirus software need to be updated regularly?

Each PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet owner has data and information that may be of value to cybercriminals and hackers. And virus attacks can destroy everything stored on devices, restrict access to them, demand a ransom for data recovery, and more.

Free Antivirus vs Paid: What's the difference?

The need of antiviruses is clear to everyone. They help to protect your computer from malware, scammers, and data leaks. However, when deciding to install any cybersecurity solution, users face various brands and sets of functionality.

How Does Computer Antivirus Software Work?

A PC user faces millions of threats every day. Hackers work hard to distribute malware that may harm our devices and sensitive data on several levels. To understand how does antivirus software work, let’s first get to how the malware makes attempts.

What antivirus should I use for Chromebook?

New netbooks running the Google Chrome OS are becoming more popular. And it's not surprising. They are cheaper, look cool, and work effectively. There are many pros on board, but users also talk about a con - finding a suitable cybersecurity solution.

How to Remove Malware From Laptop on Windows 10?

Everyone should know that working on the Internet without an antivirus is extremely dangerous. We store text files and a lot of personal and financial information. Even free antiviruses monitor your PC and detect threats from the network.

What Are the Best Anti Malware Programs?

Today, almost every person has a computer, tablet, smartphone, or laptop with Internet access. Being constantly online, exchanging data, and downloading programs carry a potential threat. Infecting a device with a virus is much easier than it might seem.

What to do if there is a Cyber Attack?

Technology is improving every day. But the criminal world does not stand still, using advanced technologies and new opportunities. People are more worried that hackers can steal money from their bank cards than open robbery somewhere on the street.