MTM Find how to install the Microsoft Office suite and use all its programs in USA and Canada

How to download Microsoft Office in the USA and Canada

Microsoft Word, Excel and other Office tools are known to all computer users. They are the most necessary set of applications for working with text, pictures, and calculations. In the real digital world, it is impossible to imagine life and work without this basic set of programs. Any personal computer user should become familiar with the most advanced features of different MS Office versions, between old Office 2010 and last Office 2021 including the newest Microsoft Office 365.

To get started with these programs, you must install Microsoft Office on your PC or laptop. Nowadays, it's relatively easy to do. You can go to the developer's website to buy Microsoft Office, or you can install a set of applications using our portal. We offer only licensed products at a reduced cost. On our platform, you can download the file and install the program on your computer in a few clicks. Just use our tips - if you have any questions during installation, the technical support service can help solve them anytime.

How to use Microsoft Office USA

After downloading the file and installing it on your computer, you need to launch the program for further acquaintance. Windows products are intuitive even for novice users. To start using any application from the package, you should create your own Microsoft Office account. It will allow you to use Office programs via the Internet if you want to make edits online when you don’t have access to your device.

We recommend starting with the Microsoft Office Outlook application. It will become your control center. Take a few simple steps to begin your acquaintance:

  • download the Office package;
  • open the Outlook application;
  • create your personal account;
  • use this account when you sign in to other Microsoft applications.

Now, you can start working more closely with this tool and set up other ones including Word apps. Each program has tips for beginners. We recommend you to pay attention to them when starting work. You can also find training videos on the developer's website or ask questions to our technical support. We will help you get acquainted with all Office applications. And note, that Office 2019 and higher working only with Windows 10 and Windows 11 (or later).

Нow to move Microsoft Office USA to new computer

Sometimes, we have to change the primary devices for work. You won't have to pay for Microsoft Office for Mac or Windows again if your computer breaks down. The developer company cares about its clients, so they have considered all situations. To resume working with your files on a new device, you need to re-download and install Microsoft Office on it. You can use already paid access to the licensed version.

After installing the suite, use your account to access Microsoft files from your old device. We recommend duplicating passwords and logins when creating an account so that you can log in in the future easily. If you forget your data, you can always restore access with the help of technical support.

How to renew Microsoft Office in United States of America

We strongly recommend you install only Microsoft Office Professional or Standard licenses. In this case, you will always receive updates and access to all new features. If you use the licensed version, you do not have to do anything to get the latest features. You only need access to the Internet.

What is the latest version of Microsoft Office in USA and Canada

Our website offers only the latest versions of Microsoft Office Online and other older editions. You can see the version number following the installation file. We constantly monitor updates and change the download data on time so users can access all new functions.

If you have already installed and received Microsoft Office certification, then you can check for an update in your package. To do this, take the following steps:

  • go to any application from Microsoft Office;
  • click on the «File» button and go to «Options»;
  • open the «Updates» item;
  • check for new versions.

You can also check the «Get updates» button in the same tab. This way, you can be sure you are always using the latest versions of applications.

How to learn Microsoft Office in the USA

You don't need special training to understand what Microsoft Office suite is. All MS applications offer training when you get started. You can also use tutorial videos on the developer's website or find simple reviews from other users on any platform you like.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us. We will show you how to use the free Microsoft Office which is available only for a trial period or help you find the necessary information and purchase a key on our online store.

Microsoft Office USA how to find product key

To use all the application functions, you need to obtain a license. Free downloads do not interfere with the stable operation of the Office suite. Keyonline24 company offers only official versions of home business programs.

When downloading a package from our website, you can also use the free trial period to familiarize yourself with the product before purchasing a license key.