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GDATA Security Antivirus
GDATA Security Antivirus

G-DATA license key

This famous German developer promises all customers who are going to buy G-DATA antivirus a first-class cybersecurity solution for various devices and also quite complex products for business endpoints. With the help of the G DATA key, a user receives a product that goes beyond the usual basics of PC antivirus programs.

About G DATA

In 1987 the whole digital world got to know G DATA - one more name in the cybersecurity industry. The company offers complex cybersecurity services and full protection from viruses. More than 500 employees daily work on providing total digital security for companies and private users. G DATA is a German brand that focuses on analyzing malicious programs. Besides, they do a lot of research in the sphere of developing cybersecurity software, particularly in Germany. The company puts a priority on the highest standards of protecting data. In 2011 G DATA was awarded by TeleTrust e.V. for their guarantee marked as ‘no-backdoor’. G DATA is a collection of cybersecurity solutions and other programs for testing, analyzing, and even training security. Its innovative technologies apply artificial intelligence which makes the work of entire software unchallenged. That is why the company’s products have such a high rating in over 90 countries of the world.

Advantages of our G-DATA keys

If you have G DATA keys, the protection of your device will be effective against exploits, ransomware, and other threats. It also includes URL filtering, spam filtering, and specialized browser protection for online banking and shopping security. The program applies several technologies for securing your device and detecting outbreaks as they occur much better.

As for real-time protection, the user has several options to choose from. For instance, the Beast module detects malicious software based on its behavior. The Exploit Protection module protects programs already installed on the computer from security holes. Protection against suspicious access is possible through the Deep Ray module. Finally, there is whistle-blower protection, which protects your computer from ransomware Trojans. You can activate and deactivate all these functions not depending on each other. To do this, you certainly will need a G-DATA license.

Scanning can also be carried out automatically or it can be planned beforehand: at intervals of hours, days, weeks, or months. The program offers a relatively large number of possibilities for it. It is also possible that the scan is performed every time the system is started. The user can also define the scope of the analysis, add exclusions, or specify how infected data should be handled. All these operations, of course, will be impossible without the G DATA key.

CloseGap cloud technology is used as proactive protection. The BankGuard module is built-in for:

  • secure payment on the Internet;
  • analysis of all visited resources;
  • checking each webpage for phishing;
  • detecting keyloggers and other unwanted components.

To control your children’s activity on the Internet, there is a parental control function. It will help to restrict the rights and actions of minors while they are using the computer. For this, a flexible setting is provided, where you can block any resources on the Internet, access certain applications, or even, limit the time at the computer.

How to activate the G-DATA license?

If you want to buy G DATA, you will need to choose a tariff plan, each of which has various functions. You may need some time to complete installation, but, in general, the whole process will not take much time. That is why don’t hesitate to buy a G-DATA license key for using the product on your devices.

The antivirus possesses a few ready-made solutions for different tasks and user groups. All of them allow the detection of almost any type of threat even before their components are loaded into the computer's memory. With such protection, you can be sure that you are on a trusted resource and your money will not go to third-party companies and hackers without your knowledge.

There is also a heuristic analysis system that allows you to identify even such viruses about which there is no information in the database. This is very convenient, for example, when you do not have access to the Internet and the base of viruses has not been updated for several days. All you need is a G DATA antivirus license key, after which the full functionality will be provided.

How to buy a G-DATA key at a discount?

G DATA products are not as widely popular as many other antivirus solutions, but it is foolish to ignore such powerful products. Once you have obtained the G DATA antivirus key, in addition to standard protection and the built-in engine a user gets a large number of integrated technologies and options for advanced protection.

To buy the program along with the G-DATA license key, feel free to look through our catalog, where you will certainly find the solution for your devices. We provide only an official G DATA antivirus serial key, and you will get it in your email almost instantly. All products from this developer are accurate and reliable malware blockers. And plenty of bonus functions raise it above the mere competition with other companies.