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G DATA Total Security

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Owners of devices with different operating systems find it challenging to find a universal means of protection. But now, you don't have to worry about that because a cross-platform cybersecurity solution can become a reliable shield for Windows, macOS, and Android devices.

It's suitable for Windows OS, macOS and all Android.

Your total security is now the concern of such a solution as G DATA Total Security.

If you still have doubts about installing this program, study the main features and characteristics to ensure you have made the right choice.

Key Features

Owners of Windows gadgets can count on the following features:

Ransomware protection. Trojans are dangerous viruses that can demand money from users. But now this is no problem for you. Ransomware will be detected and disarmed before it tries to get your data.

Backup. You can create copies and ensure they're safe.

G DATA BankGuard. Uniquely designed to protect online banking transactions and other shopping on the Internet.

Browser Cleanup. Manage and cleanse all browsers from unnecessary garbage with G DATA.

Password manager. Easy-to-use feature to safely keep all log-in data for websites, forums, and online stores.

Data encryption. It protects your important information with a password if it gets stuck on your gadget. This feature also lets you preserve other external storage gadgets.

Access control. You totally control who can access to PC and removable media.

Increased productivity. It removes junk, cleans your cache, and improves performance in just a few seconds.

It is also an excellent program for both Mac PC and laptop owners. There are several reasons to download and install it.

Scanning for all types of threats. If there are viruses on a laptop or PC, the program will detect and destroy them instantly. It includes spyware, danger trojans, malicious ads, and keyloggers. Scanning takes place online.

Quarantine zone. When suspicious files are detected, they will be instantly quarantined—no more danger for you.

Anti-Phishing. Recognizes and blocks all dangerous and fake websites, which protects against identity theft and banking information.

Removable media scanning. Cybersecurity solution scans your removable media and files for security and the absence of different threats.

It is an all-in-one app that simultaneously secures macOS and Windows devices when transferring files and data between computers.

Owners of Android devices will also find this development very useful for various reasons.

Anti-phishing and anti-surfing. Fraud sites and malicious web portals will be instantly identified and blocked. So you'll be able to shop online and access various sites without fear.

Application scanning. The program scans the permissions of all installed applications and checks their security level.

Protection against all viruses threats. Connecting to the online cloud scanner allows users to check their gadgets in real time for malware.

ActionCenter. A helpful feature which can be useful when you are looking for a lost and stolen gadget.

Anti-theft. In case an unauthorized SIM card in your phone is changed, you can quickly remotely lock or erase all data on the tablet or phone.

The program is universal and valuable for all popular operating systems. It gives excellent and extensive security features and additional settings.

You must go to our website, Keyonline24, and buy a device subscription.


1) This product can be used with Windows (11, 10, 8.1, 7 with SP1), Mac (macOS 10.15+), iOS 14+, Android 7+. Other requirements: 2 GB RAM, CPU with x86, x64.
2) Languages supported: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and all other supported by manufacturer.
3) For the activation no payment data (credit cards, PayPal, bank data etc) are required.
4) The product is without any auto-renewal and auto-charge features. The subscription ends automatically at the end of the period without any further obligations.
5) The duration starts with redemption by yourself and not before.
Devices: 1, 3
Region: Global
System: Android, Mac, Windows, iOS
Duration: 1 year, 2 years, 3 years
G DATA Total Security

We acknowledge you with the G DATA Total Security antivirus software. If you want to protect many devices simultaneously, this cyber security solution fits you perfectly. It has customized protection for all popular operating systems and keeps all malicious software away from your PC and smartphone.

An official website and electronic stores offer monthly antivirus subscriptions only. If you want a more long-term solution, you can buy G DATA Total Security 2 years at once at a reasonable price on KeyOnline24.

Internet Security vs. G DATA Total Security in United States

G DATA offers different payment plans for device protection with a varying number of included options. The Internet Security package has basic features for keeping malware aside from your device.

G DATA Total Security 2023 key is the most advanced version with the broadest range of functions. It includes different features for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. In this antivirus for various devices, you’ll find the following:

  • Ransomware protection. G DATA designed a custom technology for avoiding trojans with maximum efficiency.
  • Automatic backups. This software will save your data on your PC or store it in the cloud (Google or Dropbox).
  • G DATA Bankguard. It is another custom function that will care about your security during online shopping.
  • Optimization functions. G DATA includes a performance tuner and a browser cleaner in their Total Security packages. It allows you to improve your performance and speed up your PC.
  • Password Manager. A function is specified to remember your passwords, emails, and other data, simplifying logins.
  • Access control. With G DATA Total Security, you can manage all USB slots of your PC so that malware won’t get there through external storage media.
  • Quarantine (for macOS). G DATA quarantines the damaged or suspicious files, so they stay in a secure area and cannot be opened anymore.

These and other features provide you with multi-layered security & malware protection on any device’s operating system.

Every G DATA Total Security review shows that it is not a basic cyber security solution, and it would perfectly fit technical specialists. Its comprehensive functionality would please even the most demanding clients.

You can buy one, three, or five-license access levels in different payment plans. This solution might seem pricey compared to others on the digital market, but it goes seriously beyond the essential functions offered regularly by other providers.

Where to find G DATA Total Security USA Download?

You can get a G DATATotal Security 2023 download on its official website and offline electronic stores. However, these options provide you only with monthly subscriptions. It makes them quite expensive and uncomfortable. You can easily forget about extending your payment plan next month and will have to subscribe again or risk your security. Also, buying access for an extended period at once helps you to save a sum of money.

Keyonline24 offers a more practical and straightforward variant of the G DATA Total Security download. These are access keys with prepaid subscriptions, so you receive antivirus for a year or two. You can pay only once and forget about security problems for a long period.

Another benefit of getting a G DATA Total Security key is the purchase speed. You don’t need to wait for shipping or go to the shop, as it happens with physical copies of a product. Get the key code from your mailbox and enjoy all the benefits of a secure internet connection.

How to Activate the G DATA Total Security US Key?

After the G DATA Total Security download finishes, open the needed software and insert the key. After that, the script will activate a program. Keyonline24 specialists will stay in contact during installation to solve technical problems 24/7.

How to Buy a G DATA Total Security License Key in the USA and Canada?

Buying the G DATA Total Security key at the Keyonline24 shop is simple and fast. You should select a type (one, three, or five-license subscription), pay for a chosen product through a comfortable method, and then check your email. We will send you a letter with a security key and activation instructions.

Keyonline24 is an officially licensed provider of software for work and protection. Our specialists are ready to answer your questions and help you choose an optimal cybersecurity solution.

Why should I buy and install G DATA Total Security USA?

It is a solution for your security and personal data protection. A key advantage is the versatility of the program. It is equally suitable for gadgets with different operating systems. And the level of protection is similarly high.

What devices can the program be installed on in United States?

It can be tablets, computers, laptops, and smartphones. All devices that run on Windows (including Windows 11), Android, and macOS. The choice is yours. Moreover, the program can work on several devices at the same time.

How many devices can the program be installed on?

It depends on the subscription plan you choose. We offer a subscription plan for 1-10 devices. It is necessary how many gadgets you want to cover with a reliable shield. These can be devices with different operating systems.

How often should I update Total Security in the U.S. and Canada?

You do not need to update anything on your own. The system scans for threats in real time and receives updates automatically. It makes it possible to fight existing hazards and brand-new types of threats and viruses that spread via the Internet, websites, and malicious applications.

Properties from "G DATA Total Security"
Devices: 1, 3
Region: Global
System: Android, Mac, Windows, iOS
Duration: 1 year, 2 years, 3 years

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Excellent service as usual from this seller. Key arrived in a matter of minutes and I protected my 3 copmuters easily. Just keep in mind to follow the guide. G DATA have little bit strange activation system, you should carefully check your entered email while redemption. Because tehy send you access credentials to your G DATA online account with email.

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