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Microsoft Office 2019 Standard

Product information "Microsoft Office 2019 Standard"

Microsoft Office 2019 Standard is an excellent database and productivity software, thanks to which all office processes might be managed and simplified. For instance, it is possible to utilize Word to work with textual documents, PowerPoint to appeal presentations, and also Outlook to manage emails practically. Thanks to Excel, you would be able to receive a great considerable spreadsheet program. Once you purchase the Microsoft Office 2019 suite, you will receive the Publisher desktop software (PC only). Each of these apps was mastered for more functionality in this new suite. In specific cases, you will be able to use interactive functions enabling the much more simple collaboration.

Key Features

The advanced presentation’s functions: As long as the PowerPoint remains being the mostly utilized and popular program for creating and editing presentation, many others see it as being dated, especially, with the more technical-savvy opportunities. Therefore, with the specific target to stay relevant, Microsoft Office generated more professional presentations’ opportunities in a cutting-edge suite. For instance, that includes boosted Zoom & also Morph opportunities to assist the user in generating the more dynamic and witty kind of presentation.

The more powerful information analysis: As for the data analysis and management, the Excel 2019 remains still being on top. Its users must expect a much more powerful functions like the innovative charts, modern formulas, an opportunity to publish from Excel to the Power BI, and enhancements for the PowerQuery & PowerPivot. The visual representations of data seem to stay innovative in this version.

Mastered inking functions: Users who utilize Microsoft Surface tools might be specific digital pen's number one fans. This feature lets them doodling, noting, and also drawing directly on the screens. Microsoft Office 2019 Standard seems to be claimed to introduce the all-cutting-edge inking opportunities across each of the applications like tilting effects which are adjusting the specific ink's thickness depending on a certain pen’s angle, the kind of pressure sensitivity. You will also like the roaming pencil cases that let the users organize and also store the preferred highlighters - the pencils and pens for roaming will be across your most favorite tools.

More simple email management: Being the Outlook user, you may enjoy the top newest functions which Microsoft has given to you. For instance you can try to manage your emails in a much more efficient way.

Opportunity to make the presentations better: Thanks to PowerPoint 2019, you might equip their presentations with Ultra-HD recordings. Moreover, you will be able to scale the graphics directly in your presentations. Therefore, an external image processing renouncement was remarkably mastered.

Keeping all the necessary data together: With Outlook 2019, you will get a superb opportunity to keep all the essential data about your partners and customers updated thanks to the connection with Exchange servers. Moreover, an unlimited number of the email box extra additions remains the top optimal prerequisite for utilizing this software. At the same time the app retained the familiar interface so that the user is not supposed to get accustomed to modification or new design.

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The full product suite includes:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher
  • OneNote



‡) This product can be used with Windows 10, 11 and Windows Server 2019 (or later). Windows editions below 10 are not supported. The product can be installed on the terminal server.
1) This is a volume license and the offer is aimed at private as well as companies, business customers, authorities, organizations.
2) The use of this license is for an indefinite period on the installed and activated system. This is not an OEM, a subscription or a time-limited version.
3) This version cannot be installed together with Office 365 products or older Office products.
4) Visio and Project must have the same license type (volume license) and version to function properly.
5) Product as ESD is available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages.
6) The offer does not include a product key sticker (COA).
7) Activation takes place online and requires an internet connection.
8) Updates are included as long provided by manufacturer.

Microsoft Office 2019 Standard is the most cutting-edge version of Office suite. This package was released in October 2018 and includes the apps that were available in the previous edition. You may utilize it on Windows and Mac.

Microsoft Office 2019 includes PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Word, and Excel. Besides, you might benefit from Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business servers.

If you buy this MS Office suite, you will enjoy such innovative options as mastered inking features (e.g. pressure sensitivity), new visualization attributes (e.g. Zoom and Morph), new charts and formulas to make information analysis more powerful. There are also a lot of updates to master the IT management, usability voice, and security.

There is also another version of Office 2019 of the higher class - Professional. But are there differences between Microsoft Office 2019 Standard vs Professional? The major one is that if you buy Pro, you will benefit from extra features & functions which will enable instant video conferencing and messaging in HD.

Microsoft Office 2019 Standard download UK

If you decided Microsoft Office Standard 2019 download, you will need to do the following things. First of all, the installation of all versions, including Office Plus and Standard, starts with logging in to the Microsoft Office account. Secondly, you are to choose subscriptions and services. After that, you should find the file to be downloaded and installed. The final step would be choosing the Run, Setup, or Save File options to begin the installation process.

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How to activate Microsoft Office 2019 in the United Kingdom and Ireland

When you buy Microsoft Office, you will need to activate it. To do this you need a Microsoft Office 2019 Standard product key. You will receive it when you buy this product. So start with redeeming your purchase. Then, go to the official Microsoft website and sign in with your account. If you do not have an account, you are obliged to create one. The final step will be entering your Microsoft Office product key. Once the Office product key is inserted, you may enjoy utilizing the software solution to the fullest.

Wonder how long does it take to install Microsoft Office 2019? Once you insert the office keys, the longevity of the installation process will depend on your Internet connection. In general, it might take you up to twenty minutes to do that. Check your Internet connection if it takes longer.

If you wish to know the best way to uninstall Microsoft Office 2019 on Mac, you should do the following steps. Firstly, open Finder and then go to Applications. Secondly, you should choose all of the Microsoft Office for Mac apps. Push Ctrl and click the program that you have chosen. Finally, select the option Move to Trash.

How to find Microsoft Office 2019 product key UK

First of all, you will need to download the software and start it on. Then, you will be able to insert the Microsoft Office Standard 2019 activation key for your suite. If you purchased the key on Keyonline24, you will get it via email. After that, you need to click it to copy the code. Also, you may have a look at the product key on the packaging if you purchased it in an official shop, but it is not very convenient.

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How to check Microsoft Office 2019 license status in the Great Britain

If you want to check the status of installed Office suite quickly, you should click on the File Tab. Then, choose Account. Look at the right-hand side of the screen. View the product activation data. If you see the words Product Activated, it means that your activation succeeded.

If you wish to check whether the license has expired or not, you will need to do the next steps. Go to your Services & Subscriptions page. Select the specific Sign In option. Enter your email and password which are connected with the subscription. Then, review all the details you need under your Subscriptions & Services heading.

What is the size of Microsoft Office 2019 UK

Each of the Microsoft Office 2019 products is available in both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. However, we would recommend using it on 64-bit personal computers which have 4 GB+ memory. Nevertheless, you must assess the app compatibility and take into account other important factors that may require you to utilize the 32-bit type of version.

Microsoft Office 2019 Standard is a one-time purchase that is not supposed to get paid updates after you buy it. You might want this suite on your desktop because Microsoft Office 2019 Standard is one of the best products you may ever buy if it comes to office activities on your personal computer.

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Does Microsoft Office 2019 Standard GB come with Access?

This version of MS Suite is a kind of Home Edition. It does not include Access. The suite includes: Core applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and furthermore Outlook, Publisher and OneNote

Is Microsoft Office 2019 Standard UK compatible with Windows 11?

Yes. You should not be concerned about the compatibility because you may utilize this version on Windows 11. Suppose you recently bought this release or installed any other older version, then don’t be afraid - almost all of them can be utilized on Windows 11 as well.

Can Microsoft Office 2019 Standard work on Windows 10 in United Kingdom and Ireland?

Yes, it can work with Windows 10 and different macOS versions (requires a different Office Suite edition). To have the best experience, you would better utilize the latest Windows version.

Can I utilize Microsoft Office 2019 Standard on my new laptop in Great Britain?

Yes, if your laptop runs supported operational system. To transfer the Office Suite to your new laptop, you should deactivate this package on the old personal computer. Then, install the program on the new device and insert your product key in order to start the re-activation of Microsoft Office.

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