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Our guarantees

We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our customers, so we are happy to offer our buyers the best possible security and guarantees for a comfortable buying experience.


As the largest online trade association in Europe, the Händlerbund represents the interests of more than 30,000 online presences and, as a provider of professional e-commerce services, provides online retailers with legal texts that are safe from warnings and a customer rating system for online shops. Since 2008, the Händlerbund has set itself the goal of implementing fair competitive conditions and the consistent enforcement of consumer protection in online trading. Overall, the promotion of security and the quality of online trading is in the foreground. In addition to its focus of activity in Germany, the Händlerbund also supports foreign companies as part of a membership, for example in Austria, Spain, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Denmark, Belgium, Greece and the Netherlands.



The extensive examination of our shop is carried out by lawyers specializing in online law. The online buyer's seal of approval is only awarded once the online shop has met all the requirements of the approx. 130 quality criteria.

Buy with confidence!

Are you still afraid of rip-offs, data abuse or unreliability? Not with us! All of our legal texts, such as general terms and conditions, imprint, cancellation policy, etc. are regularly checked and individually adapted. All texts are up to date with the latest legal status and are absolutely up-to-date and safe from warnings. The Händlerbund also assumes liability for all legal issues and thus makes our shop rock-proof for operators and customers against warnings from fraudulent lawyers. After the shop check, the Händlerbund guarantees us and the buyer a legally compliant and warning-proof website. The extensive examination of our shop is only carried out by lawyers who specialize in online law. The online seal of quality buyer's seal is only awarded once the online shop meets all the requirements of the approx. 130 quality criteria (here the detailed list of test criteria).

You can get more information directly from Händlerbund.

TLS/SSL encryption

When you surf the Internet, you should always ask yourself how secure the transmission of data is. This question arises for anyone who wants to communicate with another user or computer over the Internet via a secure channel, for example when entering a password, entering form data, downloading/uploading a file or other data exchange.

We don't play with your data! That's why we protect your privacy with a 2048-bit strong and secure SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer). Without exception, all information since entering our site, including registration, ordering process and "My customer account" is only transmitted in encrypted form. This is how we effectively and efficiently prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to your data. TLS means "Transport Layer Security" and refers to the same security procedure that is also used, for example, in online banking. You can recognize the encryption by the small lock symbol and "https" in the address line of your browser, where our shop can only be reached via "https".



Trust is good, control is better! Therefore only the SSL encryption! Because the content of all your messages and data is only automatically encrypted over the network. The authenticity of the server is established. Our security system uses modern algorithms to check whether all data reach their respective recipients completely and unchanged.

Encryption protocol used: Rapid SSL CA from GeoTrust Global Inc.: AES 128 bit + RSA 2048 bit strong encryption. Founded in 2001, GeoTrust Inc. is now the world's second largest provider of digital certificates. More than 100,000 customers in over 150 countries trust GeoTrust to conduct online transactions and business over the Internet.

You can get more information directly from GeoTrust Inc.