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Malwarebytes Premium

Product information "Malwarebytes Premium"
Malwarebytes Premium: What you need to know about this cybersecurity solution

Many people are familiar with Malwarebytes thanks to its free software that works as an on-demand scanner and is compatible with various security solutions. But we want you to learn about one more practical, effective, and powerful product - Malwarebytes Premium. It is cybersecurity that has a good set of features and capabilities. You can install it on devices running Windows (version 7 with SP1 and newer), MacOS (version 10.12 and newer), Android 9, and later versions of the mobile operating system.

Key Features

If you expect high security and a reliable shield when working on the Internet, then Malwarebytes Premium can be called one of the best solutions. We are ready to offer this product at a bargain price. But first, we want to tell you what benefits you will get when you order this solution.

When choosing security software, customers pay attention to its effectiveness, reliability, protection level, and cost. Our service Keyonline24 offers the best solutions from leading software developers at competitive prices. So you don't have to look for anything else. If you are in doubt about choosing Malwarebytes Premium, we suggest you learn more about the features of this cybersecurity solution.

Malware protection. Independent tests show a high level of protection from a variety of malware. So you can be sure that you are safe, even if you face:

  • viruses;
  • trojans;
  • spyware;
  • malware;
  • ransomware;
  • worms;
  • ad banners etc.

Anti-phishing and blocking dangerous sites. The application will not allow you to become a victim of phishing sites. Access to suspicious and dangerous web resources will be limited so you won't get caught.

Strong shield for your safety. The program includes several practical solutions that focus on data protection and security.

High performance. Results of independent laboratory tests have shown that Malwarebytes Premium is an excellent protection against viruses, spyware, and various malicious software. So you don't have to worry about having your personal information stolen or having your security compromised when you visit different sites or download programs and applications to your devices.

The interface is simple. Even a beginner will be able to understand the program menu. The maximum straightforward menu will allow you to start scanning, perform settings and other operations when working with the program.

Quick scanning. With special switches on the main window, you can select one of four levels of protection. One-click and the scanning process has already started.

Scan Scheduler. If you want to scan your device on a specific day or time, use the Scheduler feature. Here you can set up auto-run scans for every hour, every day, every week, or every month. Or it can automatically run every time you turn on your device;

Interaction with other software. Malwarebytes Premium works with various virus and threat protection tools to create a powerful, comprehensive security system. It also works via the Windows Security Center.

Multiple layers of protection. This software is based on various layers of security that apply different forms of threat detection. So you don't have to worry about data security or problems from suspicious sites and programs. Malwarebytes Premium thoroughly checks everything and alerts you about possible dangers.

Protection against exploit attacks. This cybersecurity will keep you from getting past security holes in popular apps you may use on your devices. The program is detailed to prevent such threats.

Malwarebytes Premium is a practical, reliable, and quite functional program that protects your mobile devices, PCs, and laptops from various threats. Our service Keyonline24 is ready to offer the most favorable terms and delivery within a few minutes.

We sell only original software and only in digital format. It allows us to reduce the cost and delivery time to a minimum. All you have to do is to choose a software product you like and a period for which you want to get a license key. Then you enter your email address and pay for the purchase. We will immediately send you all the necessary files and instructions. It takes no more than 10-25 minutes.

Our professional technical support will gladly answer any questions!


1) This product can be used with Windows (11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 with SP1), Mac (macOS 10.12+), Android 9+. Windows ARM-based processors are not supported.
2) For the activation no payment data (credit cards, PayPal, bank data etc) are required.
3) The product is without any auto-renewal and auto-charge features. The subscription ends automatically at the end of the period without any further obligations.
4) The duration starts with redemption by yourself and not before.
5) For activation the Malwarebytes online account is required.

Malwarebytes Premium is a modern and effective cybersecurity solution that can be equally useful to private and corporate users to protect data and fight against malware. You can try Malwarebytes Premium download through our Keyonline24 service. But first, we want to tell you more about this protection tool, its features, and its main advantages. That way, you can decide whether to buy Malwarebytes Premium version or opt for Malwarebytes free, which has limited functionality.

What is Malwarebytes Premium

Unlike Malwarebytes Premium, free version will not have complete features and capabilities for comprehensive protection and security. Therefore, in the battle between Malwarebytes Premium vs free, the version with the expanded set of options will objectively remain the winner.

If you download Malwarebytes Premium, you will get a modern program that can protect your devices (PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets) from various types of malware and viruses. Now this product is among the most popular solutions in the cybersecurity segment. It is primarily because Malwarebytes Premium cost is relatively low, with excellent anti-malware performance.

Using Malware Bytes, you can remove infections from devices, protect your data from unauthorized access, avoid contact with dangerous viruses, and more. The program is as easy to use as possible, so even beginners have no problems with the operation and settings of this cybersecurity solution. We cannot say that it is the most protective one in the world, but Malwarebytes Premium deservedly ranks among the best shields on the Internet.

How good is Malwarebytes Premium

By going through our Malwarebytes Premium review, you can decide whether this software is right for you and how well it performs. Independent lab tests and trials effectively fight malware in real time and when scanning devices. With optional features, you can also get protection for your web browser, making your internet surfing even safer. Want to know how much is Malwarebytes Premium? Then visit our website, Keyonline24, where you can Malwarebytes download and get license keys for any validity period and for different numbers of devices. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Why is Malwarebytes Premium Package considered an effective and reliable tool for your protection? It can be attributed to its comprehensive protection capabilities and a set of solutions for increased security:

  • Cleans infected computers and other devices if viruses, Trojans, and any malware are detected on them;
  • Protects against potential infection in real-time, keeping your data safe;
  • Prevents hacker attacks and attempts to steal sensitive information;
  • Provides easy operation thanks to an intuitive interface and a set of built-in features;
  • Removes ransomware on Mac computers, Windows OS, Android, and beyond and protects financial data;
  • Prevents users from accessing fake sites and from phishing web platforms’ damage;
  • Continuously monitors the status of devices on macOS (mac computer), Windows and other platforms in real-time.

All this allows us to say that this cybersecurity solution handles the anti-virus features and the rest of the protection and security tasks very well. And if you need more clarification about your choice between Malwarebytes free vs Premium, you can try out the features of this software in the free version and then subscribe to the Premium package through our Keyonline24 service. You may also be interested in Heimdal Premium Security, which includes the powerful Heimdal Threat Prevention solution.

Malwarebytes Premium how to transfer

Some users change the devices they work with but are worried that they won't be able to use their paid subscription. No need to worry, as this issue is easily resolved, if you download Malwarebytes previously.

Malwarebytes Subscription allows you to transfer to other devices while continuing to use the paid Malwarebytes Premium key period. You only need to perform a few steps:

  • Deactivate the old device from the security software subscription.
  • Install the program on a new device.
  • Activate the subscription again on the new device.

What is Malwarebytes Browser Guard

Every Malware bytes user can use a special free permission for several browsers, including Chrome. This solution is called Browser Guard. With it, you get reliable protection against phishing, malicious sites, ads, trackers, etc. This way, you will not encounter fraud from the tech support of dangerous sites and other online threats.

The main advantage of this additional solution is that it cleans web pages of unnecessary garbage and greatly speeds up loading sites. All unwanted content that may appear on the site is instantly blocked. The add-on is also able to identify and stop the browser hijacker.

If you are interested in this offer, you can use our service Keyonline24. We sell software only in digital format, which allows us to offer original software at the best prices and provide instant delivery. Our professional technical support service will be happy to answer all your questions.

How many computers does Malwarebytes Premium cover?

Do you want to know what Malwarebytes are? This is a convenient software that provides a good defense against malware. It is suitable for Windows, and Mac, but there is also Malwarebytes for Android. The product combines the options of a standard antivirus, device cleaning, and recovery. And what is more interesting - it can be used on different gadgets simultaneously. When upgrading to Malwarebytes Premium, users are able install the program to protect five devices. After downloading the setup file, you can upgrade your plan using the Malwarebytes Offline Installer.

How to update Malwarebytes Premium?

A trial period will help you decide whether to utilize one of installed antiviruses: Malwarebytes free for Windows 10 or Malwarebytes free Mac. After the expiration of this period, it becomes clear how convenient it is to use the product. Malwarebytes include several advanced tools. You will also like a protective Malwarebytes Browser Guard. One more advantage - users can subscribe to the Premium plan, which includes access to a secure VPN service to hide their online activities from strangers.

How to uninstall Malwarebytes Premium?

There are several options on how to remove Malwarebytes. Open the Control Panel, go to Uninstall Programs, find Malwarebytes anti-malware, and click the Uninstall button. You can also deactivate the program. Go to the Security tab in the main window of the antivirus. Next, switch the slider to the left to the line run Malwarebytes in the background when Windows starts. This option will help if the user decides to try another antivirus to understand what is better - Malwarebytes vs Bitdefender.

How long does Malwarebytes scan take?

From our Malwarebytes review you will find out that even the free Malwarebytes version performs excellent cleaning of various cyber threats from the network: scammers, trackers, spyware, Trojans, and other programs that can steal data or cause damage to the system. Antivirus provides two types of checks: quick and complete. Quick one reviews frequently used programs for design, financial soft, files, and others recently opened. The process usually takes 15 minutes. With a full scan, the files on the device are entirely covered and it takes from several hours to a couple of days.

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Devices: 1, 3, 5, 10
Region: Global
System: Android, Mac, Windows
Duration: 1 year

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