MTM Advantages and peculiarities of working with the new generation operating system in USA and Canada

Microsoft Windows 11 download

Nowadays users prefer to utilize new technological solutions and advanced software. It opens access to relevant content and opportunities to create and edit with the best tools. Therefore, Microsoft Windows 11 is rightly considered by many to be an excellent version of the operating system from the leading OS and software developer.

You can order a product from famous company Microsoft and install it on your PC or portable laptop in our store. It is enough to create a personal new account and connect the necessary services. However, many customers are interested in the question of how to set up Windows 11 without a Microsoft account. We have prepared a short overview and valuable instructions for you.

What is newest Microsoft Windows 11 in USA and Canada

Before we show you how to set up Windows 11 without a Microsoft account, we are ready to tell you a little about the operating system presented in the Keyonline24 store. It is the latest development from the huge company Microsoft, officially available to customers from 2021. It is expected that the next-generation system called 12 will debut in 2024.

The full-fledged Microsoft Windows 11 event took place on October 5, 2021. Spectators and Internet users were officially presented with a new OS version to replace Windows 10 and provide customers with fresh, unique features and particular applications. It is essential to note the excellent interaction with Android and different tools from the official App Store.

Windows 11 got some new features, that is why those who have encountered this OS for the first time may ask where are Microsoft Store games installed Windows 11. It is simple. All you have to do is press the Start button and find the "Entertainment" section. The applications you download automatically through the official store are shrunk in the WindowsApps folder on the C drive.

For users to choose the optimal version of the OS for their needs, the developer offers to install the Professional or Windows Home version. They differ in the set of available applications and additional features. However, both versions have equally excellent user interface solutions.

How to install the latest Microsoft Store Windows 11 in United States and Canada?

Some users need help finding the official Microsoft Store. We can't say this is a common problem, but sometimes it happens. Here, you do not need to understand how to delete a Microsoft account from Windows 11. But you must reinstall the operating system by performing a restore installation procedure.

To do this, follow a few steps:

  • Download a particular ISO file of the chosen operating system to a USB flash drive or other media. In the download section, select version 11 of the OS and pick up the interface language that suits you;
  • Now click on download to start setting up all the necessary data. Once the download is complete, run the installation file. It should be mounted to a separate disk via Explorer;
  • Open the created installation disk and find the setup.exe file. You will see step-by-step instructions on a particular screen. Follow these instructions, and you will finally complete the procedure.

So, bypass Microsoft account Windows 11 for most customers is not required. However, you must re-authorize your personal user account to regain access to the official Windows store.

How to completely remove a Microsoft account from latest Windows 11

Many customers look for information on how to delete Microsoft account from Windows 11. Specialists from tech support answered the most frequently asked questions and gave valuable advice.

So, we will talk abouzt how to remove a Microsoft account from Windows 11. First, press the Start button, select item "Settings", and then go to page "Accounts". Now, here you will see the "Email;Accounts" category where you can finally delete data.

Another popular question is how to skip Microsoft account Windows 11 for sure. It is usually done by users who do not plan to use the Internet on their desktop or laptop and are concerned about privacy. If you really want to skip Microsoft account Windows 11, we have prepared a few mandatory steps.

You can quickly skip account creation by two methods - during the procedure of Windows 11 starting installation or after this procedure is complete. If you need to skip account creation during the first installation, you must choose the "Offline Account" item. Then click on the "Limited Experience" button for creating a special local account. Fill in the strong password and personal username.

Also you may in Windows 11 skip Microsoft account after the OS installation is complete. To do this, click on the common Start button and then select the "Settings" menu. Here, you should find the Accounts category and press on the link with "Email and Accounts". Next, add a new personal local account. After that you will retain access to the latest Microsoft Word and other applications. But some helpful features, different services will be limited for you.

There is one more FAQ concerns a common and well-designed web browser. Many users want to know how to remove Microsoft Edge Windows 11. There are no objective reasons to get rid of it. But the decision is yours to make. It can be done using the standard software removal scheme.

Microsoft Windows 11 key in America and Canada

To start using the legal version of the latest OS, you need to get an activation key and perform the installation process. On the Keyonline24 website, you can easily and quickly order and get a genuine key at a very favorable price.

An activation key is a unique set of characters that makes your OS legal and gives customers access to all features, valuable services, and constant automatic updates.

How much is Microsoft Windows 11

The absence of the third party and fully digital format of goods allows our store to offer customers the most favorable terms of cooperation. If you are interested in the latest version of the OS from Microsoft, you can order it for less than $60. You don't need to renew your subscription because the license key has an unlimited validity period.

How to buy Microsoft Windows 11

To buy this OS, go to our website, choose a suitable version of Windows 11, and fill out our order form. After payment confirmation, you will receive an activation code, links, and step-by-step complete guide to the email address you provide. This process takes up to 20 minutes. Our 24/7 support team is always ready to answer any questions.