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Microsoft Windows 10 Professional

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Nowadays, the role of technology is crucial. Workplace productivity might be mastered by letting the employees select the programs they work with. However, the role of the equipment they work with is essential too. Fortunately, Microsoft Windows 10 Professional will enable the employees to collaborate efficiently with each other and remain productive regardless of the place they are. Moreover, Microsoft Windows 10 Professional guarantees no compromise in confidential business information, personal privacy, and security.

With Windows 10 Professional, users might contribute their best thinking and ideas, collaborate seamlessly, and connect easily. Businesses tend to select Microsoft Windows 10 Professional because of its flexible management, fast and modern tools, and comprehensive security. As a result, the teams can work in a more efficient, collaborative, and creative way. So while working smarter, the teams might achieve more.

Also, individuals who work remotely may benefit from Microsoft Windows 10 Professional because they might work virtually anywhere with no compromising of security and privacy. So the shift to hybrid management and working or a remote one is facilitated with no need to modify the existing IT. Buy this product on Keyonline24 now!

Key Features

Top security protection: Enjoy the built-in security functions, including Internet protections and firewalls to assist you in safeguarding against ransomware, malware, and viruses.

Windows Defender at zero extra cost: This security solution will protect your employees from all modern threats. You might utilize it to restore the files with a single click and to detect cyber attacks.

Password-free, fast, and secure sign-in: Enjoy the opportunity to utilize fingerprint or facial recognition if you want to instantly access your PC. It is up to 3 times faster than the traditional password login.

You are the manager of your privacy: You might set personal information usage options, camera, and location in the simple-to-access account settings panel.

Find your device: Locate your gadget if it is stolen or lost. It may work with any Windows device like a laptop or personal computer. Also, you may reset the password or lock your computer for extra security.

Remote desktop: Access and edit your applications, files, and folders from any device remotely.

Microsoft Search: Search various company resources, emails, docs, and applications easier and find everything you need much faster. Synchronize your files with the cloud to access them from any device with OneDrive.

Fast work: Your employees will get more organized, concentrate fast on the assignment, work via different gadgets, and stay in the flow.

Boost teamwork: The connection between departments and employees becomes easier.

Windows Autopilot: Configure your tools at the moment you buy them. They will be ready for work immediately.

Voice, pen, and touch: Once space and time are limited, you might change the mouse and keyboard on a digital pen. Work remotely or at the office whatever you do - search, edit, or send emails whenever or wherever you wish. Take notes with a digital pen, doodle, draw, navigate, sign docs, and more.

Take control of your digital workspace: Generate virtual desktops with the specific applications and files you need and don’t let your screen to become too crowded.

Start smart & fast: The Start menu is much better than in the previous version. You might personalize it if you pin your go-to applications and files for quick access and organize apps by folders and groups.

1 place for taking action: The Action Center shows necessary information in one spot. Notifications are much more visually compelling and tend to present logical further steps.

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1) The use of this license is for an indefinite period on the installed and activated system. This is not an OEM, a subscription or a time-limited version.
2) Product as ESD is available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages.
3) The offer does not include a product key sticker (COA).
4) Activation takes place online and requires an internet connection.
5) All Updates are included (as long provided by manufacturer).
Devices: 1
Language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Region: Global
System: Windows
Duration: Perpetual

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional is an operating system that includes W10 Home features plus extra opportunities which are supposed to be oriented towards the business & professional environments ( e.g. Remote Desktop or Active Directory). Windows 10 Professional is praised for its flexible management, additional business-class tools, and comprehensive security. It is well-designed and has a user-friendly interface: the OS is optimal for using it now and will be no worse for tomorrow.

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional download in the USA and Canada

Initially, if you want to Windows 10 download, it will be easy for you to do it if you follow the next steps. The main thing is that you need to find and buy the operating system on the Windows store or the official company's website. Then you will need to install it. You can also purchase this OS via Keyonline24. It is an official distributor and you can get here only licensed programs in a digital format with discounts. Put Windows 10 to the cart, pay for it online and start the installation.

Firstly, select the time format, keyboard method, and language. Secondly, push on Install now option. Then, click on I don't have a product key. Fourthly, select the Windows 10 Pro edition. Then, accept license terms and notices. Push on the 2nd section in order to install the Windows only. Finally, choose where you wish the Windows 10 Pro version to be installed. You will use this OS for a trial period, but when it ends you need to insert the combination you purchased on our website. Or you can put in the key when you set up the operation system and utilize the activated version.

Do you want to know where to download the ISO file for Windows 10? One of the methods is to get it from Microsoft. You will need to get to the Windows 10 download page. Then, find the header which claims to create Windows 10 installation media. Finally, you will have to choose the download device now button. But it is much more Easter to cooperate with Keyonline24 - after your purchasing all links and files for downloading will be sent to your email immediately.

If you are in search of free Windows 10, you will not get the answer here. We agree with other specialists that if you want to download Microsoft Excel 2010 for Windows 10, you need to use only the official licensed product. Operating system - is a soul of the computer and it should be safe. After you buy and set up licensed OS you also better don’t risk with Microsoft Office free download for Windows 10 it extra cracked tools. All software including Microsoft Word starter Windows 10 should be official!

How to activate Microsoft Windows 10 Professional in the U.S.

If you are ready to activate this OS, you will need to click on the File button. Then, go to Activate the Microsoft product key Windows 10. If you do not see the Windows 10 key button, that means that the software has already been activated. So you are not supposed to do anything. Then it’s time for the following the steps in the Activation Wizard.

Where is Microsoft Word on Windows 10 USA

You should know that Microsoft Office works on Windows 10. But where Microsoft Word on Windows 10 is? If you want to find this and more applications do the following. Select Start and then type the app´s name in the file´s box or the search programs. Once you get the search results, click on the app and start it. Select Start and then go to All Programs to view the list of each of your apps. Possibly, you may scroll down to view all of the MS Office tools.

If you still have not installed this wonderful set you may download Microsoft Office on Windows 10 Pro with the help of our online store.

One more program Windows users ask about is Edge. A lot of our customers don’t need this tool and we decided to show how to uninstall Microsoft Edge Windows 10. To do that, the user will have to take 4 steps. Firstly, click on the Microsoft Logo. It is on the bottom left corner of the screen. You should do it to open up Start Menu. Secondly, the user is supposed to go to the Settings. Under this option, choose the Applications. Then, click on Apps & Features. Thirdly, view each of the apps that are installed on your device. Finally, find the 2 options - Modify or Uninstall and select the last one. Now, we guess you know how to delete Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

We also have an instruction how to make Microsoft Word default on Windows 10. Initially, you will need to go to the Start menu. Then, you should choose the Settings option. Go to Applications and then to Default Apps. Secondly choose which kind of default you wish to set. Then, select the application. Also, you might get new apps in the Microsoft Store or on Keyonline24. Thirdly, the user might wish their music & PDF files to be opened automatically utilizing an application other than a single one that has been given by Microsoft.

What is a Microsoft account for Windows 10 in United States and Canada

Microsoft account is a special account that might be utilized by you in order to access all Microsoft tools & services. You can use it to get signed in to Windows Phone, Skype, and also Outlook. Here you can open different files and set various tools.

Wonder what is the best way to change your Microsoft account on laptop Windows 10? Firstly, you need to choose to Settings, go to accounts and sign in with your local login. Fill in the data and make sure your local account has a status Administrator. As soon as you log in you will need to switch to the Microsoft account. Choose the account you prefer or make a new one and proceed with this process.

Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Professional in America

The best place to buy Microsoft Windows 10 Professional is the Keyonline24 platform. Our online store is a perfect combination of the most authentic products, superb support and of course, the lowest prices. If you want to purchase a 100% original software solution for your PC or laptop, feel free to choose it on Keyonline24. When you become our client you will enjoy impeccable pre- and after-sales support as well as customer loyalty.

Do you want to become the owner of the genuine Microsoft Windows 10 Professional? Go ahead and buy it now on Keyonline24!

What is the definition of Windows 10 Professional N key in America and Canada?

Letter N stands for a specific Microsoft Windows version which has been designed for users from Europe. This N edition includes most tools the standard one has, excluding such programs as the Voice, the Music, the Video Recorder, the Windows Media Player, etc.

Are versions Microsoft Windows 10 Home & Microsoft Windows 10 Professional different in USA and Canada?

Windows 10 Professional is the extended Microsoft Windows 10 Home version edition. It is supposed for company use.

What is the main reason to buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro USA?

It adds such business-oriented components as BitLocker encryption, the group policy management, the Hyper-V virtualization, and also the network domain joining.

Does Microsoft Windows 10 Professional influence the performance in the United States and Canada?

No, it does not. Upgrade your oldest versions and install the Microsoft Windows 10 Professional which will not affect your computer performance anyhow.

Properties from "Microsoft Windows 10 Professional"
Devices: 1
Language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Region: Global
System: Windows
Duration: Perpetual

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