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Microsoft Windows 11 Professional

Product information "Microsoft Windows 11 Professional"

This operating system has been successfully distributed worldwide since 2021. After the presentation of the OS, millions of users have managed to switch to work with the new advanced version. Here, you can get an updated interface, absolutely fresh and original solutions, a wide range of valuable functions, and special software. Even if you do not own a super powerful PC or laptop, this will not be a barrier to installing a particular version of the modern operating system. Want something new? Contact our managers and order genuine activation key through the website Keyonline24. Additionally, we are ready to offer a wide range of helpful software solutions, including special cybersecurity, warranty, and after-sales high-level service.

Key Features

To decide to favor this OS version, you need to acquaint yourself with its key features, advantages, and functionalities.

Appearance. One of the main innovations of the operating system is a completely redesigned menu and new elements of work screens. They have become more modern, original, and harmonious. Working with such a screen is more pleasant and comfortable.

Multitasking. On one screen, you can open several apps at the same time. And they will be sorted and grouped. This feature is helpful for those who often cooperate with different applications and content. You can also save the selected arrangement of windows and use the template in the future.

Tablet mode. If you have a device with a touch screen, this OS is a great choice. Developers have added practical gesture and finger control functions, and interaction with a stylus and virtual keyboard is perfectly adapted.

Desktops. Now, every user can create any number of desktops they need on computer. Each will have its screensavers, images, icons, and applications. For example, you can create a desktop separately for work, for games, for children, etc.

More gaming possibilities. Developers also thought about those who love computer games. Therefore, the OS has image enhancement features in game mode and integration with the Xbox service. Games will run faster and use the resources of your PC or laptop more efficiently.

Connection with Android. Previously, you had to install special emulators to run an Android application on a PC. In this version of the OS, the developers have provided everything in advance. Therefore, you will quickly launch mobile apps, customize the integration of your smartphone, and control the mobile gadget through the computer.

Improved system operation. Thanks to the new operating system, working with devices will be much easier, more convenient, and more pleasant. It was achieved thanks to unique animation, optimization of workflows, and changes in the code. The overall stability of the PC has increased. And you can make sure of this personally.

High level of security. The functions responsible for the OS's security and privacy, in many ways, surpassed the indicators of the predecessor. The new system will protect your hardware, OS itself, applications, and personal data. We can also attribute the high level of security to the presence of a built-in antivirus program. If you think this is insufficient, order another cybersecurity solution from our online store.

Newly available services. The developer opens access to Windows 365, Microsoft Teams, Power Automate, and more. You won't have to install many applications additionally. Everything is already in the standard software package.

Microsoft has taken a serious step forward in developing a new version of the operating system. All you have to do is order and start working with it. The Pro version has advanced functionality. It will be perfect for regular home users, corporate clients, and businesses.

Our online store offers only genuine and official activation keys, the best and most modern cybersecurity solutions, high-quality assurance and after-sales service for each customer. You can always contact our professional support team for any questions. We are ready to help 24/7.

System Requirements. It is essential to realize that this OS was developed for some newer and more advanced computers and laptops. But the actual system requirements are not so high. Let's highlight a few basic parameters:

  • 1 GHz or faster 64-bit CPU processor
  • at least 2 cores
  • 4 GB of RAM or more
  • 64 GB or more of free hard disk space
  • System Firmware UEFI BIOS and Secure Boot capable
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
  • at least 9 inches display with high definition (720p)
  • Graphics Card supported DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver
  • HD screen resolution or higher.



1) The use of this license is for an indefinite period on the installed and activated system. This is not a subscription or a time-limited version.
2) Product as ESD is available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages.
3) The offer does not include a product key sticker (COA).
4) Activation takes place online and requires an internet connection.
5) All Updates are included (as long provided by manufacturer).

Microsoft Windows 11 Professional is one of the newest and best developments of the famous company called Microsoft. It is a prevalent version of the modern operating system, which has numerous advantages and unique features. Most of the new desktops and laptops are based on this OS. And all Keyonline24 customers can order Microsoft Windows 11 Professional 64-bit at the most favorable prices. We offer excellent terms of cooperation, a wide selection of genuine software, and after-sales service. There is also an alternative option for our clients - they can order on our store Microsoft Windows 11 Home 64-bit and older versions, which are still in demand and actively used worldwide.

Microsoft Windows 11 Professional download USA and Canada

If you are trying to get the latest Microsoft Windows 11 Pro + Office 2021 Professional Plus at a discounted price, take advantage of our unique offer. This version of the OS has advanced features and additional functions. Your main task is to place an order and get an ISO file to download and quickly install the next-generation operating system.

We do not advise you to use Windows free files because OS distributed through pirate sites can cause severe damage to your PC and lead to leakage of confidential and personal information. It is also possible that with a pirated operating system, you cannot access Windows Store apps, use a secure Wi-Fi network, or encounter many additional and unwanted problems. To make all programs and apps work efficiently and without errors, download the genuine version of modern Microsoft Powertoys Windows 11 and easily create a personal Microsoft account using the developer's recommendations.

How to skip Microsoft account Windows 11 Pro USA

Some users are wondering - how to skip Microsoft sign in Windows 11. It can indeed be done. Usually, this decision is made by users concerned about their full privacy. Such people do not want to be on the web. In this case, there are specific solutions for how to bypass Microsoft account Windows 11 without any problems. We will describe one of them:

  • In the customization process, select the option that is labeled as "Offline account”;
  • After that, click on the "Limited Experience" option. It will get you to customize the OS without making a unique account;
  • Finally, you need to complete the rest of the standard settings and go directly to utilizing the OS.

If you already have a personal account but are concerned about complete privacy, you must find out how to sign out of Microsoft account Windows 11. To do this, enter the account settings and deactivate the current account. For example, this OS's users can switch to a local account. It means that all information and settings will remain completely confidential.

Microsoft account is not the only thing which bothers users. Some customers look for information how to uninstall Microsoft Edge Windows 11. Why? Because they consider this browser unreliable. Microsoft offers one of the best software for its modern systems. Therefore, uninstalling the browser will not give you any advantage. If you want or need to, just use alternative software.

How to use Windows 11 Pro without a Microsoft personal account in United States of America

Even without an account, you will still have access to Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Windows 10/11, and you can still enjoy all the significant benefits and features of Windows Media Player 11 Microsoft. But there are consequences of not creating an account. First, certain features and capabilities related to Microsoft services will be limited. You cannot access them, or these features will stop working. It is only relevant for those who really care about complete privacy.

It is an easy fix if you recently changed your mind or want to use your PC for other non-privacy purposes. If you make an account, you can always access Microsoft Office 2021 for Windows 11 and other services. To do so, go to settings, select the "Accounts" section, and sign in. The common creation process is quite simple, and step-by-step instructions from the developer will help you get the job done with ease.

Microsoft Windows 11 Professional key USA

Suppose you want access to Secure Boot, use the updated features of the Start menu, and download official software via the Windows App. In that case, you should order and install a certified and genuine operating system.

You must enter a special unique product key to activate the OS. You can order it in our online store Keyonline24. To do this, follow a few simple steps: choose the software, make payment and in a few minutes all files and instructions will be on your email. It’s fast and comfortable.

How much does Microsoft Windows 11 cost in USA and Canada

We offer our customers modern high-quality software products, eg antiviruses and graphic tools together with high-quality backup solutions. We work directly with developers and sell only genuine activation keys. Because there are no intermediaries between us and our customers, and all products are delivered in digital format, we have an excellent opportunity to reduce the final cost.

If you are interested in the latest version of special Microsoft's OS and want to use the Pro package, order it on our online store for less than $50. It is a really affordable and fair price. You can always count on after-sales service and 24/7 assistance from our support team.

Buy Microsoft Windows 11 Pro in USA and North America

To order a product key, go to our website, add the chosen product to your cart, and checkout. After payment, we need 15-20 minutes to send the order to the specified email.

You will receive all the files, instructions, and useful links in the letter. Therefore, installation and activation should be satisfactory. But if you have any problems or questions, you can ask our technical support specialists anytime.

Should I order Windows 11 Pro USA and Canada?

Of course, yes. We highly recommend you to use this modern operational system. If you prefer to work with modern software and love innovations and advanced solutions, this operating system will be your best choice. The OS has undergone certain changes and has become better, more efficient, and more productive. At the same time, you can always order alternative OS variants and older versions in the Keyonline24 store.

How many devices does the Windows 11 Pro license cover in USA?

You can activate the OS on one device by ordering a license key for this product. If you want to use the operating system on several gadgets, you must order a separate activation key for each.

I am still waiting to receive the license key. What should I do?

First, correctly specify a valid email address when placing your order. Check your mailbox carefully. Our email may be in the "Spam" or "Advertising" section. If there is nothing, write to our support team, and we will solve this problem as soon as possible.

Will I have to renew my Windows 11 Pro license in Unietd States?

No. The Windows 11 license key offered by our online store has no expiration date. It will be valid for the entire period of your use of this operating system. So, if you reinstall the OS on your computer, you can reuse this key. You will not have to renew or buy a new subscription.

How soon can I start using the new OS in USA?

On average, it takes about 5-20 minutes to deliver orders to our customers. After that, you can download the necessary files and start the installation process. The download and installation speed largely depends on the quality of your Internet connection, as well as the technical characteristics of your device.

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