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Bitdefender Premium Security (Global)

Product information "Bitdefender Premium Security (Global)"
Bitdefender Premium cybersecurity solution for your devices

Protect your PC and other gadgets from malware. According to independent cybersecurity detection tests, Bitdefender Premium is one of the best cybersecurity solutions. Antivirus works excellently on all kinds of devices - be it smartphones, Macbooks, personal computers, or iPads. You can ensure that no malware will penetrate and harm your data.

The reliable protection can be installed on any system:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android

Check it out for free and see how effective the program is. Next, consider the main features of this solution that distinguish it from competitors.

Key Features

Wide range of Web Attack Prevention. Antivirus copes with all types of cyber threats on the network. It recognizes worms, spyware, scammers, Troyans, etc.

Parental control. Our Cybersecurity solution offers additional online protection for children. Parents can track the length of time their child spends online. You can also set a time limit or set up trusted contacts for your child.

Optimized speed. Your device keeps good speed and performance - no freezes and lag programs. You can be relaxed because the desired software will not take a long time to load.

Ransomware Remediation. This feature protects your documents, images, audio, and video files from malware attacks. The system detects malwares even before they enter your gadget.

VPN. Unlimited VPN traffic is provided for all devices.

Web filtering feature. Bitdefender warns customers when they visit a suspicious web resource that could harm their appliance. Users are always protected from falling on a malicious and dangerous website.

Bitdefender Safe Files feature. It helps prevent and avoid unauthorized changes to your files.

SPAM filtering. All suspicious and unwanted emails are immediately filtered out of the INBOX folder. Clients are protected from intrusive and malicious content.

Autopilot. The function does not affect the performance of the device. It provides complete information about the protection level of your device.

Charge saving. The settings are constantly changing depending on what the client is doing on a laptop or tablet. In order not to waste the charge on unnecessary purposes, the saving mode will automatically turn on.

Anti-tracker. Your data is protected from unauthorized viewing. It also shows which devices have access to your gadget's microphone.

Safe Online Banking. Online shopping is safe and comfortable. All transaction data through your devices and card data are protected from fraudulent programs.

Social media control. The program protects against malicious and suspicious links, even from trusted contacts.

Try the reliable protection of our cybersecurity solution for your devices. You will appreciate the high level of service and security. The software is easy to install and operate.


1) This product can be used with Windows (11, 10, 8.1 and 7), Mac (Sierra 10.12+), iOS 12+, Android 5.0+. Windows ARM-based processors are not supported (yet).
2) Languages supported: English, German, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Greek, Korean, Romanian, Thai, Vietnames, Svenska.
3) A free Bitdefender Central online account is required for activation. You can activate this product in your existing Central account too.
4) For the activation no payment data (credit cards, PayPal, bank data etc) are required.
5) Activation code can be used as renewal, too (for the same product and count of devices).
6) The product is without any auto-renewal and auto-charge features. The subscription ends automatically at the end of the period without any further obligations.
7) The duration starts with redemption in Bitdefender Central account (by yourself) and not before.
8) VPN functionality is not available or only restricted available in: Egypt, China, Iraq, Iran, UAE, Uganda, Turkey, Turkmenistan, North Korea, Oman, Russia, Syria, Belarus.
9) Bitdefender VPN traffic is unlimited.
10) Activation is worldwide possible.
11) This special version of Bitdefender Premium Security is called "Bitdefender Total Security & unlimited VPN" and does not include a Password Manager.
Devices: 10
Region: Global
Duration: 1 year

Viruses become smarter every day. Now is the moment to invest in top-tier security. Bitdefender Premium Security is coming to you. Keep reading to find out what this cybersecurity solution entails and why you should give it a chance.

Bitdefender Premium Security: Basics to Know

It is often referred to as the best one for Windows 10 and 11. You will be in great hands in terms of security. But what exactly do you need to know before you get a key for Bitdefender Mobile Security Premium? It's the only one ever to win the AV-Comparatives Product of the Year Award four times. According to the last AV tests, it blocks 99,9% of all threats and has an edge in system optimization. The program offers different policies depending on the type of its user. There’s something for gaming, public internet connections, and workplaces. When you run the scans routinely, this cybersecurity solution will always win the battle against viruses. You get an excellent level of security, with beneficial options, and at fair prices.

Bitdefender Premium Security review

To start our Bitdefender Premium Security review, we will say that this cybersecurity takes defense seriously. And it does this across all of the plans. All versions provide the user with a real-time protection scanner which always keeps viruses away. Also, you will have a perfect threat defender. Program’s biggest pro is its reliance on the world’s largest security delivery infrastructure. It means all endpoints will be aware of new threats in minutes. This fact dramatically minimizes the time to respond to those threats.

It runs most of the essential scans you need to keep your files safe. You've got fraud and fishing prevention and even a search advisor that keeps an eye on malicious pages. One more good news is you have access to a complete and encrypted web scan. And you can get all that for an affordable price with a Bitdefender Premium Security discount.

What about security on the world wide web? Every customer has the benefits of anti-ransomware features. For example, this product makes a backup for all the files. It means that even if malware makes it through your system and encrypts files, you have an easy way out. The damage will be eliminated just in one click. The solution also blocks all trackers on your browsers and adds antispam features simultaneously. With this cybersecurity, you don't even have to deal with any third-party tools for blocking spam emails. It also protects your VPN connection, web camera, and microphone.

One more practical option is safepay. After you activate Bitdefender Premium Security key a special keyboard is added to any payment page. It means you might be calm and sure that nobody tracks your keystrokes. The Bitdefender allows creation of custom settings for gaming, watching movies, and other activities. It does put power in the user's hands.

Let's talk about Bitdefender Premium Security vs Total Security. What to choose? The last plan gives all the features and a performance optimization tool. This option makes your devices run much faster. The anti-theft tool lets you have remote control over your gadget, even if you lose it. So this plan is excellent for travelers and those who want their devices to operate at peak levels. By the way, this plan covers five gadgets.

Bitdefender Premium Security key: the activation process

Our company provides each customer with an original Bitdefender Mobile Security Premium key for a certain period. You get complete freedom and the ability to activate cybersecurity solution yourself. Unlike most services, we do not offer subscriptions with auto-renewal.

Activation is a pretty easy process. You just get the right combination of numbers and letters and enter it. The system is automatized on many levels - from installation to actual work. It requires minimum actions from a user. Even updates are conveniently automatic.

You decide when to use your Bitdefender Mobile Security Premium serial key and can activate the product anytime after purchase. You can buy a new program or change it when the key expires. We respect the client's freedom of choice and always meet your needs!

How to buy Bitdefender Security Premium discount

All you need to do for a successful purchase is to choose the right product in the store, enter your e-mail and pay. Within a few minutes, you will receive a license key Bitdefender Mobile Security Premium or any other key (depending on the selected product). The installation process might seem lengthy for some users. But it’s worth it.

You have no idea how to activate your key Bitdefender Mobile Security Premium? Our team will send you instructions and, if necessary, answer questions. Remember that customer support is available for all our buyers. The developers are also always there for the clients who need help.

The product cycle begins when you activate Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android Premium key, and not earlier. Once you open the program, the dashboard has everything you need. It will display your status, the settings, and a notifications tab. There are no obligations, subscriptions, auto-renewal, or auto-withdrawals.

Can I fully entrust the safety of my devices to Bitdefender premium security?

Antivirus occupies a leading position according to independent tests. It shows high-level functionality. All cyber threats are detected and removed even before they hit the gadget.

Why does the cybersecurity function often turn off?

The service analyzes the activity on the device and therefore chooses the optimal mode of operation. During the rest period of the device, it goes into sleep mode to save power consumption.

Does your cybersecurity solution defend against hacker attacks?

Bitdefender, like similar software, analyzes suspicious activity on your device and reports it. Using Bitdefender will help reduce the risk of third-party penetration into your computer and data theft.

Does Bitdefender check the Darkside of the Net?

The antivirus checks the Dark Web to determine if your data has been stolen and warns you about it. It also offers measures to keep your device secure.

Can Bitdefender slow down my computer performance?

Bitdefender, on the contrary, improves the performance of the device and looks for the best ways to speed up the work. However, using more than one cyber security solution can affect the gadget's speed.

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Devices: 10
Region: Global
Duration: 1 year

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