MTM New cybersecurity solutions from Kaspersky Lab: Standard, Plus and Premium security packages in USA


Review of new products: Kaspersky Standard, Kaspersky Plus and Kaspersky Premium

Kaspersky Lab is among the most famous and recognizable developers of security software around the world. Therefore, a vast number of people use the software products of this company. Cyber threats constantly evolve and expand, forcing security software creators to apply new technologies and incorporate modern developments into their solutions. Kaspersky has recently rebranded and updated the list of its protection packages. It was reflected not only in the name but also in the set of features and capabilities. When choosing a program to protect your home computer, it will be helpful to know how the new packages differ from each other and what functions they have.

Kaspersky Standard description

Firstly, users are offered to download Kaspersky Standard (former Kasper Internet Security), the entry-level option among the new cybersecurity solutions. The price is low, but the set of functions and features pleasantly surprises. A relevant comparison is Kaspersky Standard vs. Internet Security, that is, the new version of the product versus the old.

Such a protection program can be installed on 1-10 PCs, depending on the purchased license key. The updated security package will provide the user with a powerful firewall, anti-phishing protection, antivirus scanner, system cleaning solutions, data leakage protection instrument, and other features. You can use the Kaspersky Standard free trial for 30 days to evaluate the benefits of this security package.

Kaspersky Standard is a good cybersecurity solution with a decent basic set of defenses. But users may need some more features. There are two options - upgrade to a more advanced security package or compensate for the lack of options by installing additional programs. Kaspersky Standard offline installer can help you complete the installation and start using the software.

Kaspersky Plus description

After the company updates, comparing Kaspersky Plus vs. Internet Security is actually the same as comparing Kaspersky Standard vs. Plus. And the second option is correct, given the change of names of security packages.

This tariff is considered the most optimal in terms of the cost ratio to the set of protection and security features. It allows you to install the shield on 1-10 devices, depending on the purchased paid subscription. Before Kaspersky downloads on your PC, it will be proper to familiarize yourself with this cybersecurity solution's main features and benefits after updates.

The security suite includes a complete set from Standard: a password manager, VPN service, file shredder, and secret vault complement. The program can also check for data leaks, as in the previous version. But in the Standard package, only one e-mail address is limited; in the improved Plus version, there are no such limitations. You get powerful anti virus, reliable protection solutions, and much more. It is nice to realize that VPN does not provide for traffic restrictions. Competitors have such a feature included in more expensive and advanced security packages.

Next, it will be proper to make another comparison - Kaspersky Plus vs. Premium. It is almost the same as comparing Kaspersky Plus vs. Total Security. Due to name changes and some refinements, users still have disputes and confusion. But this is a temporary phenomenon. Soon, everyone will entirely switch to the new package names.

Kaspersky Premium description

The most advanced and rich in additional features is the Kaspersky Premium solution. Although objectively, not all users will benefit from what is included in this set of instruments for protection, security, and other functions. Therefore, many will favor the first option in comparing Kaspersky Premium vs Total Security.

Within the short Kaspersky Premium review, the cybersecurity solution includes the complete features from the Plus tariff. Additionally, users get identity protection, a remote access indicator, premium technical support, and parental controls. If we compare Kaspersky Total Security vs. Kaspersky Premium, then after the updates, unlimited and super fast VPN and several other features have appeared.

The presence of parental control is pleasing. But the disadvantage is that the subscription to Premium antivirus provides only one year of use of this function. After that, you will have to activate a separate paid subscription via Kaspersky login to continue using parental control. Many people still prefer the Kaspersky Premium download, and they do it because they can connect up to 20 devices.

Differences and similarities between Kaspersky Standard, Kaspersky Plus and Kaspersky Premium in USA

It is difficult to name the best solution in the Kaspersky Plus vs. Premium and Standard confrontation. Each security package has its advantages and disadvantages. The apparent difference is the presence and absence of certain features. In this respect, the basic tariff is not so “reach”. But if you don't need parental control or unlimited VPN but want powerful antivirus protection, this will be enough for your PC.

Which one to choose in USA?

No free anti virus can guarantee the same high level of protection as the paid option of the program but not for a long period. Therefore, we advise you to use the free version to familiarize yourself with the features and capabilities of the cybersecurity solution.

It would be best to choose between the new tariff plans from Kaspersky. The more features and additional functions you need to use, the more advanced you should select. If we talk about statistics, Plus is considered to be the most popular tariff. But it is up to you to decide. Just visit our website and install the chosen package!