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Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android (Global)

Product information "Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android (Global)"

You need reliable and effective protection if you are an active Android device user, storing personal data on it and conducting banking and payment transactions. We offer an excellent product for your gadgets - Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android.

It is specially designed for this mobile OS. You need a device with Android 5.0 or newer to use the program. However, this cybersecurity solution can be installed on smartphones and tablets. Let's look at some key features and functions to get a complete picture of what the software can do.

Key Features

Malware Scan. The program will tell if you are installing harmful software. It will protect against different types of viruses.

Device scanning. You can run a scan of your gadget at any time to make sure there are no threats. The solution also checks all installed applications automatically.

Protection against online threats. When you go to various links and sites, the program protects you from dangers, including phishing sites and scam programs.

Message and notification scanning. You get a reliable helper that will prevent you from clicking on dangerous links in social networks, emails, and more.

WearONA unique development for Smartwatch owners. It helps you not to lose or forget your smartphone.

Anti-Theft. Proper function against thieves. The system takes a picture of anyone who takes your phone without permission. Also, if your gadget was stolen, you can remotely lock it, delete data and send a message to the intruder.

Autopilot. The app will be your assistant and advisor in matters of increased security. It intelligently creates the best conditions to protect your device and the data on it.

Saving battery life and boosting performance. Cybersecurity solutions will work in the background as a shield for your Android device. In parallel, it disables unnecessary apps so that the battery drains more slowly.

VPN. A built-in VPN allows you to no longer worry about your online privacy. All traffic will be encrypted. The app allows you to use up to 200 MB of encrypted Internet traffic daily.

Application protection. With this program, you can block access to essential applications. You can enter them only if you know the PIN you choose.

Account Control. The modern user is registered on many sites and applications. Each account has access to your data. Our application will let you control them and avoid unwanted data leakage.

You can get all these features for just $15 for a one-year subscription on one Android mobile gadget.


1) This product can be used with Android 5.0 or later.
2) Languages supported: English, German, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Greek, Korean, Romanian, Thai, Vietnames, Svenska.
3) A free Bitdefender Central online account is required for activation. You can activate this product in your existing Central account too.
4) For the activation no payment data (credit cards, PayPal, bank data etc) are required.
5) Activation code can be used as renewal, too (for the same product and count of devices).
6) The product is without any auto-renewal and auto-charge features. The subscription ends automatically at the end of the period without any further obligations.
7) The duration starts with redemption in Bitdefender Central account (by yourself) and not before.
8) VPN functionality is not available or only restricted available in: Egypt, China, Iraq, Iran, UAE, Uganda, Turkey, Turkmenistan, North Korea, Oman, Russia, Syria, Belarus.
9) Bitdefender VPN traffic is limited up to 200 MB daily. Upgrade to unlimited is possible for additional fee.
10) Activation is worldwide possible.
Devices: 1
Region: Global
System: Android
Duration: 1 year

The modern person literally has their whole life on phone. You can use your smartphone to pay for purchases, search for information on the Internet, play games, communicate, store money, download documents, and much more. So keeping your device secure is a necessity. To get an effective shield against threats, you can use one high-quality cybersecurity solution - Bitdefender mobile security for Android.

It is a universal solution that provides comprehensive protection for your device running one of the most popular mobile operating systems - Android. In order to convince yourself of the necessity of buying and downloading this application, we suggest exploring the Bitdefender Mobile Security Android review in more detail and making your conclusions about the program's capabilities.

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android review

Many experts and ordinary users agree that this is the best software for protecting Android devices. It outperforms the main competitors on several parameters, which allows you to confirm the validity of these assertions.

Before ordering a Bitdefender Mobile Security Android license key, you should take a closer look at the main features and characteristics of this original application.

  • Blocking and destroying malware. The software can protect against all kinds of modern threats that are present on the Internet or can be transmitted via removable media;
  • Fast and effective scanning. The program can scan your device automatically, by presetting, or at any time the user wants;
  • Web security of the highest level. You don't have to worry about the safety of the pages and sites you visit. All you have to do is buy the Bitdefender Mobile Security Android key, install the program, and your device will start a reliable shield;
  • Anti-phishing and fraud protection. In today's world, there are serious threats against which this cybersecurity product has an excellent solution. Proven in practice and confirmed by numerous independent tests;
  • Anti-Theft. A helpful feature that can help find a lost or stolen phone, lock it remotely, erase data and even send an intruder a message. In addition, the smartphone will automatically take pictures of unauthorized people who try to access your device while you're away;
  • Autopilot. It is your reliable assistant whose task is to guarantee your safety. The system will analyze the state of your device, instantly transmit detailed information about the level of protection, and will be able to advise on how to optimize safety. You get all this with Bitdefender Mobile Security premium key Android, which is available on our website Keyonline24;
  • AppLock. A feature that helps protect access to the most critical applications. It sets an additional lock, which will be very difficult to bypass without you. Come up with a strong password, and don't worry about data security;
  • Wear-On. This is a helpful feature for those who also use a smartwatch. It links your phone to your watch and allows you not to forget or lose your device;
  • VPN. Access to sites and social networks blocked by the provider or inaccessible in your country is now open. The app gives you 200 MB a day of free traffic. And if you use Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android Premium key, the amount of traffic will be unlimited.

And these are not all the Bitdefender Mobile Security premium key Android features you can count on when you buy and install this app.

This modern cybersecurity solution has a wide range of functions and features aimed at all-around protection of users from all kinds of threats and dangers on the Internet. That's why Android users are happy to entrust their smartphones and tablets to this particular application.

How to activate the Bitdefender Mobile Security Android license key

If you have decided to choose Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android, key you can order on our website, Keyonline24. It takes a minimum of time and requires no special skills to install and activate.

You need to enter your email. After you purchase an electronic key, it will be sent to your address, along with detailed instructions. To activate it, you need to go to the website of the developer of the application, create a personal account and activate the subscription. It remains to install the application and create an effective and safe shield around your Android device.

Keep in mind that the Bitdefender Mobile Security Android serial key bought on our website starts working only from the moment of activation and not after downloading. It is crucial because not all users activate the security key right away.

How to buy Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android key?

If you are interested in a Bitdefender Mobile Security license key Android serial number, you can buy it on our service, Keyonline24, at a bargain price in just a few minutes.

The purchase process is as simple as possible. You choose the product that suits you, enter your email address, make the payment, and immediately get the electronic file with the serial number and step-by-step instructions. We don't sell software on removable media or send it by mail. This way, you not only save our customers time but also can offer original products at a lower price.

We don't have any automatic key renewal or automatic charges. If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team.

What devices and operating systems is this app suitable for?

This application has been specifically designed for Android mobile operating system devices. You can install it on gadgets with OS version 5.0 or newer. It applies to smartphones and tablets with Android system.

Why should I install Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android on my device?

Your personal data is at risk if you use a gadget and go online. It can be scammers, phishing sites, hackers, viruses, etc. You should install a reliable and effective app to prevent leaks of personal information, banking data, and other information.

How can I evaluate the features of the app without buying it?

To do so, we offer to install the trial version. It will give you 14 days to evaluate the solution's features fully. You do not need to enter your credit card information.

How do I activate the app on my Android device?

When you make a purchase, you will receive an email with an activation code and detailed instructions. Follow these instructions step by step. First, you must create a Bitdefender account and activate your subscription. Once your account is activated, you can start installing and configuring the app on your devices.

How do I renew my subscription?

When you purchase a subscription, you can choose to renew automatically if you have registered. You can check and change your subscription status through your account under My Payments.

If you purchased without auto-renewal (in our webshop almost all keys are without auto-renewal), log in to your account and manually renew. Thirty days before expiration, you will receive email notifications inviting you to continue your subscription. Otherwise you can renew with the same key as you already purchased.

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Devices: 1
Region: Global
System: Android
Duration: 1 year

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